About Us

Animazul is a Swiss e-Commerce platform for Latin American fashion design brands with a story and impact. The company was born from the idea to bring the craftsmanship, love for detail, art, quality, uniqueness, colors, textures and masterpieces from Latin American fashion designers and brands to the European market.
At the heart of everything we do, is the pursuit to find those brands that have a unique story to tell, a heritage - an impact. We seek to bring you brands that support slow fashion, women empowerment, fair trade, poverty alleviation, education, inclusion and that ultimately, have a positive impact in their communities and the lives of the people they work with. 
Animazul at Wakami
We hope that every product that you buy at Animazul brings you joy! We love what we do and will keep on searching for those unique brands to bring you the best that Latin America has to offer.


To expand our impact, we donate CHF 1 per purchase to an educational project in Guatemala. In Switzerland, we have partnered with Züriwerk, a Swiss organization that employs people with disabilities to pack and ship our orders.
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Animazul was founded in 2018 in Zurich by our Founder & Managing Director - Karin Gutzwiller-Schreier. Karin was born and grew up in Guatemala and moved to Switzerland to pursue her studies in Business Administration. She conducted research on Ethical and Sustainable Fashion during her University studies when only a few sustainable brands were around. 
After some years working in the consultancy and IT industry, she followed her passion for Latin American textiles and craftsmanship and created Animazul, a platform for fashion and designer products that create social impact.