Our Impact

At Animazul, we're not only looking for brands that have a story and an impact, but we are also keen on having an impact of our own in the Latin American countries where we source our products, as well as in Switzerland where we are based. 


For each purchase you make, Animazul donates CHF 1 of your purchase to educational projects.

In Guatemala, we have partnered with Li Ch'utam Guatemala, a non-profit organization who's main goal is to make education more accessible to the rural and remote community of the Polochic Valley, Guatemala.  

With only 12 CHF/month we can brighten the future of a elementary school student, and with 34 CHF/month we can support a student finish his high school education.

With the money we collect from our sales, we provide scholarships for high school education (starting at 13 years of age) which is not publicly funded in Guatemala, so that these children can stay in school and have the chance of a brighter future. The scholarships cover tuition, transportation, supplies and other school fees. With the support of private contributions, such as the scholarships by Animazul, Li Ch'utam is able to ensure the children's access to further education. 

Want to find out more? Drop us a line or visit Lichutam.org for more information! 


Most of our products are stored, packed and shipped by Züriwerk.

Stiftung Züriwerk is a social institution based in Zurich that is innovatively committed to the social and economic participation of people with disabilities in the canton. Züriwerk provides them with a wide range of jobs, training places, day places and places to live. They have a wide offering of services for third parties, such as Animazul, they manufacture products and create cultural offerings. Cooperatively and reliably, we stand for integration, participation and self-determination.

Want to find out more? Drop us a line or visit zueriwerk.ch for more information!

Animazul, 2019