Did you know that for each purchase you make at Animazul, we donate CHF 1 to educational projects in Latin America?
Our current program is to provide scholarships to young girls through our impact partner, Li Ch'utam.

This week we received the letters from our scholarship recipients at Li Ch'utam and want to share the good news with you!
With the sales we achieved since 2018 and thanks to the support from our clients, this year we are able to provide 6 scholarships to young girls finishing their secondary education. 
Li Chutam

Secondary education (starting at 13 years old) is not publically funded in Guatemala and therefore costs must be covered by families.
Most of the families in the Polochic Valley are very poor so our scholarships cover tuition, transportation to the school, supplies, and other school fees. All scholarship recipients also benefit from Li Ch’utam’s other educational resources including the IT Center, tutoring, and library resources. 
Li Chutam Logo
Li Ch’utam is a non-profit organization whose main goal is to make education more accessible to the rural and remote communities of the Polochic Valley, Guatemala.
Its vision is to promote sustainable development while improving possibilities and conditions for local inhabitants through innovative and cutting-edge initiatives at the community level.

The photos are from our last trip to see their new knowledge & IT center where the children (and adults) can come after school to combine learning with having fun! 
Li Chutam

If you would like to make a direct donation, click here or get in touch with us at contact@animazul.com 

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