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As you know, we are a platform for Latin American fashion brands with a story and impact. 

Latin American countries lack the governmental support we have in Switzerland, which puts their businesses at risk, but furthermore, the livelihood of their artisans and employees. 

We are happy to see that all our brands are supporting their employees and artisans as best as they can by giving them materials and protective gear so that the can still work safely or from home. 

A couple of our brands are repurposing their factories and their production facilities to create non-medical reusable face masks that are mandatory in their countries and are donating them to health care workers and families in need that cannot afford to purchase them.

In Guatemala, Wakami artisans are now producing face masks instead of bracelets. Also, the factory of our brands Marias and Morello has repurposed its factory to create face masks. 

In Venezuela and Colombia, Mama Tierra, a Swiss-Colombian NGO is taking donations to bring food to the Wayuu indigenous in the remote desert of La Guajira, whose living income has been affected by the crisis. 

If you would like to contribute, here are the direct links to their causes: 



Mama Tierra:

Thank you for your support!

Karin from Animazul