Wakami - Women's Earth Bracelet- Set of 7 Strands - Beige

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This woven bracelet set is inspired by the Earth, its people, and the love that connects us all. Wear it with any outfit for some added flair. Each bracelet has a different closure which makes it easy to fit different sizes.  

Each strand represents a part of The Story of the Earth.

Product features: Three-strands have a sliding closure with 16.51 cm girth when are fully closed and can be opened up to 25.4 cm. Four strands have 16.51 cm girth with button closure. Since each bracelet is handwoven, slight variations make each piece one of a kind.

Handmade by women artisans in Guatemala with mixed colors waxed polyester threads, glass beads, and zinc alloy metals.

Wakami is a Fair Trade & B Corporation certified brand.