Wakami - Women’s Earth Bracelet – Set of 7 Strands – Dark Night

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Handmade women´s bracelets. Set composed by seven separately strands. Each bracelet has a different closure which makes it easy to fit different sizes. Each strand represents a part of The Story of the Earth, how the earth was created and how love connected everything.

Product features: 3 strands have a sliding closure with a 16.51 cm girth when are fully closed and can be opened up to 25.4 cm. Four-strands have a 16.51 cm girth with a button closure. Since each bracelet is handwoven, slight variations make each piece one of a kind.

Handmade by women artisans in Guatemala with black waxed polyester thread, brass and glass beads; zinc alloy metal buttons and charms. 

Wakami is a Fair Trade & B Corporation certified brand.